3D Modeler Resume Samples

I am an artist. Highly experienced in the 3D animation field. Modeling, Texturing, are the areas, which i have involved in the Three full- length 3D animated feature films, Live Action Films & TV Series.


1.) 3D Sr Modeling &Texturing:

Studio A – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – November 2016 to Present

Project:  Human Anatomy – is a 3D Medical Animation.


  • Working as a 3d Team, In the project, my contribution involved in the Primary Characters & Sets.

2.) 3D Texturing Supervisor:

Studio C – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – February 2007 to September 2012

Project: Marvel is a 24 Episode 3D animated series.


  • My major contribution involved in the texture paint.
  • I have led the texturing team.
  • Followed up and supported them to deliver the final textures on time based on clients requirement with the crucial time line.

3.) Senior Texturing Artist:

Studio D – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – September 2006 to February 2007

Project:  Thirukkural is a 24 Episode 3D animated TV series, which telecasted in Chutti TV from Sun Group.


  • In the project, my contribution involved in the Primary Characters & Sets.
  • Within the deadlines, delivered the quality output & got appreciation from the management.

4.) Senior Texturing Artist:

Sun Animation Studio Pvt Ltd – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – December 2004 to August 2006

Project : Rose marine is a pilot project of 90 minutes full length 3D Animated Movie. The Production is fora Korean Company.


  • I have textured the Primary Characters in the Film and some of the secondaries also.
  • Also supported my teammates to get the delivery on time.

5.) Texturing Artist;

Studio G – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – December 1998 to November 2002

Project 1: Pandavas the Five Warriors is also a 90 minutes full length


  • The Story is based on the enmity of two royal families leading to a long war.
  • The story is from one of the famous indian epics: ‘Mahabharata’. It won the National Award in the Year 2001.
  • Responsibility: For this second 90 minutes 3D animated movie by Pentamedia Graphics Ltd., I textured Arjun and Bheema, two main characters in the movie.
  • I also Textured a Fort set which used in the war. Pandavas was telecast by Cartoon Network and Sun TV.

Project 2: Alibaba is the third 90 minutes full length 3D animated movie from Pentamedia. 


  • I textured the 10 Thieves. And I also worked in the areas – Lighting and Assembling

Project 3 : Son of Aladdin is their fourth 90 minutes full length 3D animated movie by Pentamedia.


  • I have textured the Primary characters, Abu and the Sand Monster and six secondary characters.
  • I also worked in Lighting & Assembling for the movie in the later stage.


  • Diploma in Commercial Art University of Madras – Chennai, Tamil Nadu 1993 to 1998
  • B.C.A Govt College of Arts & Crafts – Chennai, Tamil Nadu


  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (Less than 1 year)
  • AUTODESK (Less than 1 year)
  • AUTODESK MAYA (Less than 1 year)
  • ILLUSTRATION (Less than 1 year)
  • MANAGERIAL (Less than 1 year)


  • Highly imaginative & creative in manipulating 3D & 2D Elements.
  • Excellent ability in Modeling &Texturing Characters, Sets (BG), and Props for High & Low detail assets.
  • Easily understanding the input and creating a realistic 3D output at a remarkable speed.
  • Impressive Visualizing and Illustration skills.
  • Expert managerial, organizational and communication skills.
  • A sincere and dedicated artist.